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Iqbal Academy Employees (Leave) Rules 1993


In exercise of the Powers conferred by Section 18 of Iqbal Academy Ordinance (XXVI of 1962), the Governing Body is pleased to make the following rules.

1. Short title, commencement and application.-- These rules may be called the Iqbal Academy leave Rules 1993. They shall come into force atonce and shall apply to all employees of the Academy.

2. Leave not to be claimed as of right.-- Leave shall not be claimed as a matter of right. When the exigencies of service so require the Director or any other officer authorised in this behalf may refuse to grant leave or cancel leave already granted or change the nature of leave or recall an employee before the expire of his leave.

3. Casual Leave.-- An employee shall be entitled to casual Leave upto 20 days in a year. Such leave shall not be carried forward to the following year and shall lapse if not availed of during the year.

(3:1)     Newly appointed employees shall be entitled to the proportionate number of Casual Leave admissible with reference to their date of joining.
(3:2)     Casual Leave shall not exceed more than 10 days at one time.

4. Leave on full pay/half pay.-- The employees of the would earn leave on full pay at the rate of four days for every month of the period of duty rendered and credited to the leave account as "Leave on full pay" duty period of 15 days or less  in a calendar month being ignored and those of more than 15 days being treated as a full calendar month for the purpose. If an Academy's employee proceeds on leave during a calendar month and returns from it during another calendar month and the period of duty in either month is more than 15 days, the leave to be credited for both the incomplete months is restricted to that admissible for one full calendar month pay.

(4:1)     Accumulation.-- There is no maximum limit on the accumulation of such leave.
(4:2)     Grant of Leave.--

(4:2:1) Leave on full pay. The maximum period of leave on full pay that may be granted at one time is as follows:-

(a)        Without medical certificate         120 days
(b)        With medical certificate 180 days
(c)        On medical certificate from            leave account in entire            service. 365 days

(4:2:2)   Leave on half pay.--

(a) Leave on full pay may be converted into leave on half pay, at the option of the Academy's employee. The debit to the leave account will be at the rate of one day of the former for every two days of the latter fraction of one half counting as one full day's leave on full pay. The request for such conversion is to be specified by the Academy employee in his application for the grant of leave.
(b)        There is no limit on the grant of leave on half pay so long as it is available by conversion in the leave account.

5. Leave preparatory to retirement.-- The maximum period upto which an Academy employee may be granted leave preparatory to retirement is 365 days. It may be taken, subject to availability, either on full pay, or partly on full pay and partly on half pay, or entirely on half pay, at the discretion of the Academy employee.
6. Leave not due.-- It may be granted on full pay, to be effect against leave to be earned in future, for a maximum period of 730 days in the entire period of service, subject to the condition that during the first one year of service it should not exceed 90 days in all. Such leave may be converted into leave on half pay. It is granted only when there are reasonable chances of the Academy's employee resuming duty.
7.  Special Leave.-- A female employee of the Academy on the death of her husband, may be granted special leave on full pay, when applied for, not exceeding 130 days. This leave is not to be debited to her leave account.
8.  Maternity Leave.-- Maternity leave up to 3 months in each case may not be granted for more than three times in the entire service of a female employee of the Academy. For confinements beyond the third one the female employee of the Academy would have to take leave from her normal leave account.
9.  Disability Leave.-- Leave salary during disability leave is equal to full pay for the first 180 days and on half pay for the balance period.
10. Extra-ordinary Leave (Leave without pay).-- It may be granted on any ground upto a maximum period of five years at a time, provided the employee to whom leave is granted has been in continuous service for a period of not less than ten years; in case an employee has not completed ten years of continuous service, extra-ordinary leave without pay for a maximum period of two years may be granted at the discretion of the competent authority.
11. In-Service death.-- In case employee dies while in service, lump-sum payment equal to full pay upto 180 days out of the leave at his credit is made to his "family" as defined for the purpose of G.P. Fund rules.
12. Leave Ex-Pakistan.-- (12:1) Leave on full pay may also be granted as leave ex-Pakistan to an employee who applies for such leave or who proceeds abroad during leave, or takes leave while posted abroad or is otherwise on duty abroad, and makes a specific request to that effect.

(12:2)    The leave pay to be drawn abroad shall be restricted a maximum of three thousand per month.
(12:3)    The leave pay shall be payable in Sterling if such leave in Asia other than Pakistan and India.
(12:4)    Such leave pay shall be payable for the actual period of leave spent abroad subject to a maximum of one hundred and twenty days at a time.

13.       Study Leave.-- Study Leave may also be granted to an employee of the Academy who applies for such leave. The leave would be adjusted against the leave account of the employee. In cases where enough leave is not available in the employee's account this leave may be treated as leave not due. The Director would be competent to authorize such a leave at his discretion.

14.       Sabbatical Leave.-- On completion of every six years of service, a member of the academic staff of the Academy may be granted Sabbatical leave for twelve months on full pay.

(14:1)    Sabbatical leave shall be granted only for undertaking research and purely academic assignments.
(14:2)    The period of study leave shall not be counted towards the period prescribed for entitlement to Sabbatical leave or extra-ordinary leave without pay.
(14:3)    An employee proceeding on Sabbatical leave may retain the residential accommodation provided by the Academy or may draw the house-rent allowance.

15.       Procedure for applying for and availing of leave.-- (15:1) An employee who desires to obtain leave of absence, shall apply to the competent authority through proper channel. The competent authority for grant of various kinds of leave shall be as under:-


(i)    Officers in BPS 17 and above-the Director
(ii)    All other employees in BPS 1-16-the Deputy         Director


(i)    Officers in BPS 17 and above-the Director
(ii)   All other employees in BPS 1-16-the Deputy         Director


(i)  Officers in BPS 17 and above-Vice President/Executive Committee.
(ii)  All other employees in BPS 1-16-the Director upto two years.


(i)  Officers in BPS 17 and above - Executive Committee
(ii)  All other employees in BPS 1-16 - the DirectorIn the case of Director the Casual leave shall be granted by the Vice-President. The earned and other kinds of leave shall be subject to the approval of the Executive Committee/Vice President.

(5:2).  Application for leave of absence shall formally be made atleast seven days previous to the time from which the leave is required except in cases of sickness and emergency. Before proceeding on leave the employee shall ensure that leave has actually been sanctioned to him and shall inform the competent authority in writing of his address while on leave.
(5:3).    Application for extension of leave, if any, shall be submitted by the employee concerned to the competent authority before expire of the leave already granted.

16.        Saving.-- The competent authority, may in exceptional cases, for reasons to be recorded in writing, relax any of these rules.

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