About Us

Iqbal Academy Pakistan is a statutory body of the Government of Pakistan, established through the Iqbal Academy Ordinance No. XXVI of 1962, and a centre of excellence for Iqbal Studies. The aims and objectives of the Academy are to promote and disseminate the study and understanding of the works and teachings of Allama Iqbal.
In order to translate its objectives into action and activity Iqbal Academy undertakes the measures those are: Publication programme; IT Projects; Outreach activities; Iqbal Award Programme; Website; Research and Compilation; Audio-video; Multimedia; Archive Projects as well as Exhibitions, Conferences; Seminars; Projection Abroad; Research Guidance; Academic Assistance; Donations and Library Services etc.

Iqbal Academy Library is one of the oldest and the richest libraries in the world that have specialised in Iqbal Studies. Its collection of books on Iqbal studies and allied subjects cover the major International languages as also the regional languages of Pakistan. The back files of important and rare Periodicals augment book holdings. It not only provides academic logistics support to the research projects of the Academy but also extends research and reference facilities to a large number of students, teachers and Iqbal scholars every year.