Rules and Regulations for Enrollment of Honorary Membership of the Academy

Section 13 of the Iqbal Academy Ordinance provides that the Governing Body may, in the prescribed manner, appoint –

(a)    scholars of outstanding eminence who have made significant contributions to the study of Iqbal, or

(b)   distinguished persons who have rendered singular service concerning the aims and objects of the Academy,

to be Honorary Members of the Academy.

 The Governing Body has approved the following rules for conferring the Honorary Membership of the Academy.

The Membership will be Honorary and no Membership Fee would be charged from the respective Member.

(1)    The Membership will also be conferred upon Iqbal Scholars belonging to foreign countries.

(2)    The Governing Body will decide upon the period of Membership.  However, the initial period of Membership will be for one year provided the respective Member shows a keen interest in the dissemination of Iqbal Studies. Otherwise the Membership will be terminable by the Governing Body on the recommendation of the Director Iqbal Academy.

(3)    The Honorary Member may also resign from his Membership.

(4)    The Honorary Member shall not be eligible for election under sub-section (e) of Section17 of the Iqbal Academy Ordinance.


Honorary Privileges

An Honorary Member shall avail the following privileges from the Academy.

(a)    He/she will be sent (Online)1 complimentary copies of journal of the Academy “Iqbal Review/Iqbaliyat.

(b)    He/she may purchase publications of the Academy at a special discount of 50%.

(c)    He/she would avail the facility of the use of Library of the Academy.

(d)    He/she may get the photocopy of the research material on the Photostat machine of the Academy on payment of prescribed amount.

(e)    He/she will be sent brochures published by the Academy.

(f)    He/she will be invited to the functions arranged by the Academy.

(g)    He/she will be furnished Activity Reports of the Academy.

(h)   He/she will be preferred for the Membership of other Academic and Organizing Committees of the Academy constituted from time to time.

(i)    He/she will be invited to Annual “Iqbal Dinner” provided he pays the prescribed amount for entry to the Dinner.

1. As amended vide Item No. 6 by Governing Body in it's 60th meeting held on 26th January, 2024.