MoU Signing Between Bahria University and Iqbal Academy Pakistan

A ceremony regarding signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Bahria University and Iqbal Academy Pakistan to promote Iqbal’s philosophy and thought was conducted at Bahria University Islamabad Campus on 1st March 2023. The MoU has been signed between both parties with mutual consent. Both the parties agreed to establish non-profit regular cooperation and contacts in research and educational areas, conduct joint research projects. They also agreed to exchange relevant literature and other research documents to promote Iqbal’s teachings and philosophy. Iqbal Academy Pakistan will also assist BU on development of a library on Iqbal and his philosophy. 

The signatories were Chairman Iqbal Chair Dr. Habib ur Rehman Asim from Bahria University and Director Iqbal Academy Pakistan Dr. Baseera Ambreen. Director Admissions Bahria University Commodore (R) M Masud Akram SI (M), S Bt, officiating for Pro Rector (Academics) was also present.

 Dr. Baseera, Director Iqbal Academy highlighting the significance of this endeavor, stated that Iqbal’s thought is derived from the Quran and life of the holy Prophet (Peace be upon him). It contains the solutions for our contemporary problems. Iqbal should not be treated just as a poet and a literary personality; his message advocates freedom of thought and higher objectives of life which should be promoted in our youth. Dr. Ambreen elaborated that her endeavour as director Iqbal Academy is to link different Pakistani universitieswith Iqbal Academy to connect with our youth. She also reiterated to convey Iqbal’s message to youth utilizing contemporary technological means such as mobile phone applications and short video clips. Commodore (R) M MasudAkram SI (M), S Bt, officiating for Pro Rector (Academics), commented that we have to move towards implementing Iqbal’s message and seek practical guidance from it; for this Bahria university will fully work with Iqbal Academy Pakistan. Dr. Habib ur Rahman Asim, Chairman Iqbal Chair Bahria University, looked forward to having a fruitful cooperation between the two organizations.