Ceremony in honor of Ms. Sadaf Mirza

A special ceremony was held in Khana Farhang Iran, Lahore on Thursday, January 12, 2023, in honor of Ms. Sadaf Mirza, the Danish translator of "Javed Nama". In this session, the speakers expressed their views on Allama Iqbal's famous work "Javed Nama". This ceremony was organized by the Director General of Khana Farhang Iran, Mr. Jafar Ronas. Justice (retd) Nasira Iqbal presided over while Director Iqbal Academy Pakistan Prof. Dr. Baseera Ambareen attended as special guest.

The ceremony started with the distribution of flowers and souvenirs to the guests by Director General Khana Farhang Iran. Later, Ms. Sadaf Mirza, who came from Denmark, introduced the translation of "Javed Nama" to the guests and shed light on it from various aspects, and gave detailed answers to the questions of the audience.

Prof. Dr. Baseera Ambareen discussed the importance of "Javidnama" in modern times. She highlighted the requirements of translation in the context of different cultures and appreciated the Danish translation of Javed Nama. Director General Khana Farhang Iran Mr. Jafar Ronas appreciated Sadaf Mirza's translation efforts and thanked the guests. Justice Nasira Iqbal in her presidential address congratulated Sadaf Mirza on this academic achievement and said that Javed Nama is the work of Allama Iqbal which he himself admired.

Director General Khana Farhang Islamic Republic of Iran-Lahore Jafar Ronas congratulated in his address all women on the occasion of the birth of Bibi Fatima Al-Zahra (RA) and said that Sayyida Kainat is the perfect role model for all women of the world.

Well-known novelist Neelam Ahmed Bashir, well-known travel writer Salma Awan, poet Dilshad Naseem, poet Samina Syed, writer Amna Mufti, columnist Maryam Arshad, fiction writer Kanwal Behzad, commentator Ruma Rizvi, Zarqa Mufti, well-known poet Syed Farast Bukhari were present at the ceremony. Renowned poet Mumtaz Rashid Lahori, Parveen Wafa Hashmi also participated.