Obituary: Muhammad Ikram Chaghatai

Renowned researcher, Iqbal Scholar, translator, historian, editor and biographer Muhammad Ikram Chaghatai passed away on 7 January 2023 in Lahore. With the death of Muhammad Ikram Chaghatai, the academic world lost a scholar who was an expert in many languages ??and a scholar with international recognition. Muhammad Ikram Chaghatai started his career by teaching in Punjab University. He was the Director General of Urdu Science Board. Apart from history, literature and Iqbaliyat, he wrote many books on Muhammad Asad. He had expertise in these fields. He has also been given the Presidential Iqbal Award on his book Goethe, Iqbal and the Orient in 1999.

Director Iqbal Academy Pakistan and all the officials of the Academy pray for his forgiveness and patience of the bereaved on his death. May Allah Almighty grant him a high place in Paradise and raise his ranks.