A Lecture: "Israr Khudi: The main source of Iqbal's thought"

On January 17, 2023, a lecture entitled "Israr Khudi: The main source of Iqbal's thought" was held under the auspices of Iqbal Academy Pakistan. The guest speaker was Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahid Iqbal (Chairperson of the Department of Persian and Dean of the Faculty of Languages, Islamic and Learning). Dr. Muhammad Shahid Iqbal while speaking said that "Asrar Khudi" is such a work which has given rise to new thought, thinking and discussion in the whole world. Iqbal was politically and literarily starting such a history that should work as an awakening in the nation intellectually and spiritually. Asrar Khudi highlighted both. The political evolution in the subcontinent and the evolution of poetry were known before Iqbal. In the presence of poets like Saadi, Rumi and Hafiz, speaking poetry in a foreign language and raising his voice is the ability of Iqbal. In today's era, if we create commitment to our motto and purpose despite the difficulties, then it is not a big deal that we cannot come back to the top. If there is an urge in the heart, there is a way to reach the destination.