Iqbal Academy Pakistan organized a seminar on "Seerat-un-Nabi" on October 18, 2021

In connection with the Ashra e Rehmat al Aalameen, Iqbal Academy Pakistan organized a seminar on "Seerat-un-Nabi" on October 18 here at Aiwan e Iqbal, Lahore. Senator Waleed Iqbal presided over the seminar. Other speakers included Prof. Dr. Muhammad Akram Chaudhry, Dr. Tahir Mustafa and Dr. Tariq Sharifzada. Host Director Iqbal Academy Pakistan Prof. Dr. Baseera Ambreen presented the vote of thanks. Verses of Holy Quran were recited by Qari Muhammad Basharat Ali while Nureed Fatima recited Naat Rasool Maqbool and Anam Shahzadi recited Naatia Kalam of Allama Iqbal. A large number of students from NUML University participated in the seminar. The speakers covered various aspects of the Prophet's seerat.
Senator Waleed Iqbal said that Seerat-un-Nabi ? is a beacon for us in every field. He said that the words of Allama Iqbal are also full of love and obedience to the Holy Prophet ?. Addressing the Holy Prophet ?, he said that if there is anything in my kalam other than the Qur'an, then O Holy Prophet ? you may deprive me of your intercession on the Day of Resurrection.
Director Iqbal Academy Pakistan Prof. Dr. Baseera Ambreen said that the axis of Allama's poetry is from the Holy Prophet?. Our honor, position, status is all due to the Holy Prophet?. She said that the youth should especially read Seerat books.
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Akram Chaudhry, while talking about the socio-economic values ??of the state of Madinah, said that in the present era, if the state of Madinah is to be created, then there is a need to disseminate court decisions of Holy Prophet ? and the Rightly Guided Caliphs through the International Islamic University or any major institution, to the public. He said that the Holy Prophet ? was also convinced of the strength of defense. The prophet ? also informed about the construction of new settlements and the width of their streets. Talking about the Uswa e Hasna of the Prophet? Dr. Tahir Mustafa said that Hazrat Muhammad? was the leader of all humanity. Our Prophet ? was a true leader and guide. He invited people to come under the banner of Tawhid. He said that in a leader's government, no one goes hungry. We must have unconditional love for the Holy Prophet?. He said that our youth should be aware of all aspects of the life of the Holy Prophet?.
Dr Tariq Sharifzada said that religion should be a part of our life. The shortest and most comprehensive introduction of the Holy Prophet? is "Rahmat". If we follow the way that the Prophet ? used to treat his enemies then our life would become a lot easier.