A Condolence Reference was held under the auspices of Iqbal Academy Pakistan

On Wednesday, January 18, 2023, a condolence reference was held at Aiwan Iqbal under the auspices of Iqbal Academy Pakistan. The condolence reference was made in memory of Professor Dr. Irshad Shakir Awan, Prof. Dr. Ayub Saber, and Muhammad Ikram Chaghatai. Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqi, Dr. Najeeb Jamal, Dr. Mazhar Moin, Dr. Khalid Iqbal Yasir, Dr. Waheed-ul-Zaman Tariq, Dr. Tahir Hameed Tanoli, Young Scholar Zaid Hussain, Engineer Inayat Ali and the family members of Ikram Chaghatai refreshed their memories of the deceased. They paid tribute to these personalities while discussing their intellectual and intellectual services. In condolence reference, Fatiha was also recited for the deceased.

Professor Dr. Baseera Ambareen said that writing a biography of a personality is a difficult task. These personalities chose a very difficult task and wrote about the personality of Allama Iqbal with arguments. Dr. Moinuddin Aqeel said that the three personalities had a special relationship with Iqbal and their constant subject was Iqbal. These people were institutions in their selves Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqi said that the recognition of the services of these personalities cannot be done. Dr. Najeeb Jamal said that the full work of these personalities has not been revealed. Institutions should work in this regard. Dr. Khalid Iqbal Yasir said that we have a tragedy that the incomplete work of literary researchers is lost. Their work is urgent and cannot be discussed in a short time. Dr. Mazhar Moin said that the knowledge and literature of these elites, which have not been transferred to the paper, should be preserved and their message should be conveyed to the new generation.

 Dr. Waheed-ul-Zaman Tariq said that such personalities were not appreciated which they deserved. Dr. Tahir Hameed Tanoli said that these three people were members of the governing body and various committees of Iqbal Academy Pakistan. Not only academically, but also in administrative matters, they patronized Iqbal Academy. Engineer Inayat Ali said that the deceased wrote on every aspect of Iqbal's personality. Zaid Hussain said that these personalities were Iqbal's protectors. Imran Chaghatai thanked all the guests and said that I was somehow involved in the research of late Ikram Chaghatai. His whole life was spent in simplicity. Afshin Chaghatai said that the late Ikram Chaghatai worked day and night in the field of research. He used to answer questions with good will. He was highly respected by Western scholars. We will try to complete their unfinished works. In the condolence reference, Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqi recommended that the relevant quarters should be contacted that a chair in educational institutions, a research institute, an educational institution or a road in Lahore should be associated with his name. The condolence reference concluded with the thanks of Director Iqbal Academy Pakistan.