Online Lecture Series 2nd lecture "Iqbal aur Germany" by Muhammad Ikram Chughtai (Presidential Iqbal Award holder)

Unger the auspices of Outreach section of the Academy, second Lecture of the “online lecture series” by the Iqbal Academy Pakistan will be delivered by Presidential Iqbal Award holder writer and Iqbal scholar Mr. Muhammad Ikram Chughtai on “Iqbal and Germany”. Lecture will be broadcasted on Iqbal Acadey Pakistan’s Youtube channel, website and other social media platforms.
Mr. Muhamamd Ikram Chughtai has a special interest in Iqbal studies in Europe especially Germany. He also has the Award winning piece of writing “Goethe, Iqbal and the Orient” to his credit. The book attributes to commonalities and comparison of Allama Muhammad Iqbal and the great German Poet Philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. His latest writing on the subject “Iqbal & Germany” has recently been published. It is pertinent to mention that IKram Chughtai has numerous writings on Iqbal and other subjects and has been conferred Presidential Award by the Austrian government on his research work.