Ms. Nareed Fatima’s Lecture on the Topic of "Woman’s Place and Status in Iqbal's Thought"

Iqbal Academy Pakistan organized a special lecture on the occasion of International Women's Day with the title "Woman’s Place and Status in Iqbal’s Thought" on 8th March 2023. Ms. Nareed Fatima was the guest speaker. It was chaired by Professor Dr. Rafiuddin Hashmi. This lecture can be seen on the online channel of Iqbal Academy Pakistan.

Ms. Nareed Fatima described the position and status of women in the light of Allama Iqbal's poetic and prose thoughts. She said that where Allama Iqbal has made the youth the central subject, he also described the position and status of women very well. Now it is the duty of women to make the attributes described by Allama a part of their personality and contribute to the development of the nation as a mother, sister, wife, daughter and architect of the society. The Islamic society may make those pleasant changes in marital, social and moral life which are the true reflection of a healthy and worthy nation.

In his famous poem "Woman", Iqbal pays tribute to the existence of women.

Director of Iqbal Academy Pakistan Professor Dr. Baseera Ambareen said that the purpose of organizing this lecture by Iqbal Academy on the occasion of International Women's Day is to make women understand the role of women in Muslim society in the light of Iqbal's thoughts. He thanked the President Professor Dr. Rafiuddin Hashmi and Nareed Fatima, Ph.D Research Scholar of Iqbaliyat, Islamia University Bahawalpur on this occasion.