A 7th two day International Sir Syed Conference

A 7th two day International Sir Syed Conference was organized by Lahore Garrison University in collaboration with Punjab Higher Education Commission on 27 October 2022. This two days Sir Syed conference of literary Congregation of renowned scholars, covered following 4 topics as a main theme:

“Sir Syed's Educational and Literary ideas and Modern Demands”, “Sir Syed’s recognition: Possibilities and Academic Discourse’’, “Academic and Intellectual relations between Sir Syed and Iqbal’’, Sir Syed and the Freedom Movement.

The opening words for the opening ceremony were presented by Mj. Gen. Shehzad Sikandar, Hilal e Imtiaz, the vice chancellor of the Lahore Garrison University.

Dr. Muhammad Yusuf Khuskh (Chairman Adbiyyat Academy) was Chief Guest. Keynote speech was delivered by Dr. Wafa Yazdan Manish (University of Tehran, Iran).