Lecture: "Iblis's Majlis Shura"

On February 7, 2023, a lecture titled "Iblis Ki Majlis-i Shura" was organized by Iqbal Academy Pakistan. The guest speaker was Professor Mr. Muhammad Ali. Speaking, Mr. Muhammad Ali said that in the poem "Council of Iblis" the assembly of Satan is presented as a metaphor for the internal conflict of the human soul and the conflict between self-confidence and obedience. In this poem, Satan is surrounded by his advisers and debates whether or not to follow God's command to make Adam bow down. The poem portrays Satan as a proud and defiant figure, torn between his desire for self-reliance and his fear of obedience. The counselors in the council represent different aspects of the human psyche, some exhorting the devil to embrace his individuality and others advocating obedience. In this poem, Allama Iqbal explores the themes of pride, courage, fear and deviance. and highlight the courage to make difficult choices in times of adversity. The parable of Satan's assembly is a powerful metaphor for the inner struggle of the human soul. Director Iqbal Academy Pakistan Professor Dr. Baseera Ambareen presented the shield of honor to Mr. Muhammad Ali. Colonel (retd) Ashfaq Ahmed, Dr. Tahir Hameed Tanoli and Dr. Khizr Yasin were present on this occasion.