Director, Iqbal Academy Pakistan Professor Dr. Baseera Ambareen called a meeting of all the staff of Iqbal Academy

Director Iqbal Academy Pakistan Professor Dr. Baseera Ambareen, on completion of three years of her appointment, called a meeting of all the staff on 17th March 2023 regarding the review of the performance of all the departments of the Academy in which the performance of all the departments of the Academy was reviewed. During the three-year tenure of Professor Dr. Baseera Ambareen, the academy was very active due to the efforts made to promote the thought of Allama Muhammad Iqbal in the Academy. During this time more than 70 books were printed. A very important function of the Academy is the Presidential Iqbal Award given to authors for books written on Allama Iqbal in Urdu, English and Pakistani languages. Meanwhile, the series of National Presidential Iqbal Award was completed. The series of awards, which had been pending for many years, was not only revived, but as a result of its activation, awards are now being given to Iqbal Scholars every year. The activities carried out for the promotion of Allama Iqbal's thought included activities on all the websites of the academy, YouTube channel and other social media channels, recording and publication of lectures by prominent Iqbal scholars of the country, organizing seminars and conferences in universities and educational institutions. The Iqbal activities carried out with the collaboration of the Academy in various educational institutions and universities led to the promotion of Iqbal's thought and to acquaint the young generation with the message of Allama Iqbal. It was decided to establish an Iqbal Chair in the Jamia Adyan-o-Madhahab in Iran for the promotion of Iqbal's thought at the international level. In order to improve the affairs of the academy various steps were taken which include the establishment of a new sales center of the Academy, the approval and initiation of the budget for the restoration and renovation of McLeod Road residence ie the former residence of Allama Iqbal and provision of modern computers to improve the working of the office of the Academy. Furthermore Photocopy machine and other facilities are provided in the library. At the end of the meeting, Director Academy congratulated the staff of Academy for completion of the goals in three years and gave certificates to the officers and employees who have rendered outstanding services.