Seminar held on Allama Muhammad Iqbal's poem "Khidr-e Rah-Ek Siddi" by Iqbal Academy Pakistan

Iqbal Academy Pakistan organized a seminar on December 21, 2022 on a poem by Allama Muhammad Iqbal titled "Khidr-i Rah-Ek Siddi". The seminar was chaired by Dr. Rafiuddin Hashmi. Justice (retd) Dr. Nasira Iqbal was the chief guest. Director Iqbal Academy Professor Dr. Baseera Ambarin welcomed the distinguished guests. Dr. Khalid Atif Butt moderated the ceremony. The ceremony started with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Dr. Razia Majeed had the blessing of reciting the Holy Quran. Dr. Anila Saleem read some verses from Allama Iqbal's poem "Zooq wa Shoq". On the wish of Justice (R) Nasira Javed, Dr. Tahir Hameed Tanoli explained the meaning of these verses. Justice (Rtd) Nasira Iqbal said that in the present era, the words of Iqbal should be conveyed to the youth in a common language.

Dr. Baseera Ambarin presented the poem "Khidr-e-rah" verbatim and while giving a brief introduction said that the poem "Khidr-rah" was written by Iqbal in 1922. This meeting was held at Islamia High School Shiranwala Gate Lahore. In the poem "Khidr rah" some issues of human life and modern times have been discussed. Addressing the participants of the event, Dr. Rafiuddin Hashmi said that in the poem "Khidr-i Rah" Iqbal has resorted to the traditional character of Khidr to express his views on various issues. In the order in which Allama presented questions about life, universe and international politics to Khizr, he continues to give them detailed answers in the same order. Even during Khizr's answers, the poet does not ask any further questions till the end of the poem. Khizr's answers are so comprehensive, detailed, clear and sufficient that all the query of the poet is completely addressed and he does not need to ask any more questions. Moreover, he said that Iqbal is fully convinced that the position of Imamate of the world is going to be vacant due to the decay of European civilization. Muslims will create a new world from their ashes and take over this position. It is the decision of Allah Almighty that if they continue to follow the straight path, they will definitely gain dominance and power in the world.