Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqui , Director, Iqbal Academy Pakistan


Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqui Director Iqbal Academy of Pakistan belongs to Chaman (Balochistan). He completed his education from Chaman, Quetta and Islamabad. He has Master’s degrees in subjects as varied as Botany, Pashto and Islamic studies, and he has also done his M.Phil. In Literature. He is the first and the only Scholar in Balochistan who did his doctorate in “Iqbal Studies”. His doctorate thesis “Iqbal Studies in Afghanistan” elaborate on very important aspects of the subject. DR. Abdul Rauf Rafiqui is a well-known research scholar, Writer and poet in the fields of Pashto, Urdu and Persian literature and history.


DR. Abdul Rauf Rafiqui has an excellent command over a number of languages that include Pashto, Persian, English, Urdu and Arabic. Although for his personal expression, he prefers Pashto, Persian and Urdu. He has been serving in the fields of language and literature for the last four decades. He has done a lot of research in the oriental studies. He is author of 53 published books covering history, criticism, poetry and research, in these books one have 10 volumes and other have 9 volume. Dr. Rafiqui has published 45 research papers in H.E.C. recognized Journals. DR. Abdul Rauf Rafiqui has done important research work on Iqbal on both national and international levels, 14 books & 22 of these research papers in this series already been published.

In recognition of his commendable services in literary work, Research, literature, Iqbaliyat and Education, the government of Pakistan has nominated him as Ambassador of Iqbal for Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan and central Asia, Member Board of Governors in Iqbal academy of Pakistan and member Academic Council Institute of Policy Studies Islamabad. In addition to that, the government of Balochistan has nominated him member board of directors in Balochistan Education foundation. He also hold many other positions that include; Member of ‘Adabi Jirga’ of KPK, General sectary of Pashto Academy Balochistan and Editor of Pashto Journal ‘Likani’. He attended so many National and International Seminars and represented the Country.

He has been awarded with a number of different national and international awards that include; Kashmir Medal Government of Pakistan 1999, National Serat Award from federal Government in 2022, Excellence award Government of Balochistan 2009 & 2017, Allama Abdul Hai Habibi Award Afghanistan 2012 and several provincial awards for Pashto, Persian and Urdu.

Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqui

Director, Iqbal Academy Pakistan